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Wally Jolly's Adventure Party at Mickey's Clubhouse

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme remains a classic theme which kids choose over and over again, and this is one of Wally Jolly's favourite party themes, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It's a super joyful theme enjoyed by everyone. Any age group, adults included!

#wallyjolly loves to include adults during the party activities as well, especially when kids are still quite young. Here's a game example: MICKEY'S MOUSKERCISE Choose an adult to be the leader, and all kids have to follow the leader. The leader has to perform various exercise movements such as star jumps, jogging on the spot, stretching etc... A brilliant warm up game to get everyone involved!

2. The Music

Wally Jolly loves all kinds of Disney themed music, and the #mickeymouseclubhouse theme songs are super sweet and makes you wanna dance and move to the beat. Our top favourites will be: The Hot Dog Dance, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse March Song and the Disney Parade song. Whose the leader of the club that's made for you and me? M I C K E Y M O U S E!

3. We're allowed to be GOOFY!

The Clubhouse team is a mix of jolliness and goofiness. Same as Wally Jolly's characteristics. The goofiest of them all will be #goofy himself. Goofy loves silliness and goofy fun, and one of our favourite games involves Goofy's hat that #wallyjolly managed to get from Goofy! This is a magical hat that brings out the silliness and goofiness in us. Put on the hat and you'll be able to make the funniest face ever, or talk in a super funny voice, or dance the silliest dance ever!

4. Get to meet the Stars themselves!

I am positively sure that it will be a dream come true for your child to get to meet, hug and talk with the sweetest characters ever: #mickeymouse and #minniemouse. In return, both mickey and minnie will be delighted to share such a special celebration. Their goal is to bring joy and make special memories.

5. Wally Jolly adds that extra special WOW factor to your #party

From character meet and greets, a professional #magicshow including a special appearance #puppetshow by Mickey and Minnie, themed #balloonmodeling, disney themed music all throughout and #funthemedgames (suitable according to ages).

Wally Jolly's goal is to bring quality entertainment and hassle-free party planning to you parents! Contact Wally Jolly and let the fun begin.

Wally Jolly can take care of the full entertainment package: a tailor-made entertainment plan according to your requests, venue assistance inclusive of catering, digital themed invitations, cake table set up, balloon decorations, bouncy castles, themed characters, party bags and more.

Contact Wally Jolly on 99343940 or email

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