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Hosting a children's party during Covid times!

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It's been a crazy time for everyone, and with things as they are, the world is having to adapt to a new normal, and that is what Wally Jolly is working on doing. Kids still can have fun, and yes they can still celebrate their special day, in a fun and safe way.

Wally Jolly has devised fantastic games and activities for kids to play, whilst still maintaining social distancing, and props will be disinfected before every party.

Here are some guidelines for you parents, planning to host a party for your child:

•Venue/Space: A party can be held in any space, but one has to ensure a nice clear space, that allows for the number of guests that you will be inviting, whilst enabling them to keep the appropriate distance. If an outdoor venue is an option, this will be more ideal, rather than indoor.

•Number of guests: Limit the number of guests, and plan a smaller scale party with a smaller number of children than usual years.

•Cakes & Candles: Use sparklers instead of candles. Or instead of one big cake, one can consider cupcakes (one for each guest) and have candles on your child’s own cupcake so he/ she can still blow them out.

•Party Bags: Avoid consumable contents or small toys that kids put in the mouth.

•Food: A good idea is to give each child their own boxed food, avoid finger food.

•Guests: Remind your guests not to attend the party if they have any symptoms or a temperature. May sound obvious but worth mentioning anyway.

If you're planning to host a party for your child, have a look at our available entertainment packages: Wally Jolly Entertainment Packages & Services

Wally Jolly will also tailor-make the right package according to your requests. Looking forward to gladly assist you!

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