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The creation of Wally Jolly

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I have always been a kid at heart and whoever knows me, knows that entertaining kids is one big passion of mine. I love the creative concept of the job, especially when I get to tailor-make a new party concept according to my client's requests. I have been in the entertainment industry for the last 16 years, and it's been fun all along. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, work in this industry took a huge hit back, and it was right at this time when I decided to create something new, a new concept to offer, and this is when Wally Jolly came to life!

A ‘wally’ is someone who does something silly, but in a comical way. Much like an entertainer or a clown would do in the name of comedy and making people laugh/bringing smiles to faces. The word ‘Jolly’ simply means happy. Therefore, Wally Jolly was the perfect name for this new character that I will be portraying during kids' parties and events around Malta.

I am working on new creative material, such as puppet shows, bubble shows, live singing sing−a−long shows, new themed games, and balloon shows. My aim is to create magical days for not just your kids' but you the parents and all your friends by adding lots of sparkle to your child's special day.

Working on this website was super intriguing and fun, and with the help of my closest friends and trusted suppliers, I was able to do this much easier. I look forward to keep updating it, and keep you up to date with all the services that I will be offering and hopefully sooner than later, will also introduce public events for kids' and their families.

*Coronavirus pleaseeeee go away!!!

My amazing and talented friend Alessia, helped me to create a fantastic logo. She was able to bring to life my idea and she did this patiently and artistically. Whose the dog on the logo (you might ask)? Well, that's my dearest dog Hutch. He is 11 years old, and he has been with me all along, joining me at the office and also patiently spending long hours at work. He is super jolly and wally (sometimes) :)

Wally Jolly Logo, kids parties in malta, kids events in malta

I look forward to start this wonderful adventure. For the time being: slowly but SURELY!

Stay safe and healthy xx


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