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Please, allow me to humbly introduce myself. I am Ruth Farrugia, and I have created Wally Jolly, a joyful but also a funny silly character that would have your kids in giggles and laughter from start to finish.  Some call me a clown, others a jester, while some would even call me their superhero, or their fantastic buddy, but at the end of the day, I am their sincere friend, a mentor, a game leader and above all a character with lots of positivity, creativity with bundles of energy, and guess what, no matter how old is the child, no matter what is the number of children, and no matter what is their background, we bond, and have fun together. 


My Career kicked off almost 16 years ago, yeah quite sometime now, with experiences in the theatre of all genres, including musical theatre, street performances, clowning, mime, singing, but my passion was always and probably will always be the Musical Stage, leading me to study hard until I got my Licentiate diploma in Performance, Musical Theatre. I thank Trinity College of London for that! I have been entertaining during kids' parties for the last 16 years and also managed Curtain Raiser Entertainment for the past 12 Years. I have entertained, planned, and managed thousands of kids parties and this year I decided to start up my own company, and this is how Wally Jolly came to life!


Wally Jolly is once again my name, comical rather than silly and always with a big wide smile on my face, a smile that is contagious… try me and you will see, or rather you will smile too! 

Why not have fun with Wally Jolly today!

Much Love and happy smiles to all,

Ruth Farrugia

Founder & Creative Director at Wally Jolly

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