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A Wally Jolly Puppet Show with a magical twist!

Puppet Show

Wally Jolly presents CONSTANT CHEEK, a 30 minute interactive puppet show, with a funny plot and a magical twist. Throughout the show we get to meet Wally Jolly's friends: a confused bird who thinks that this birthday party is a BIRD-day party for him; a cute monster who is 'So hungry!', and a magic drawing board that comes to life. Highly entertaining and suitable for various ages. One may opt to order the 30-minute puppet show on it's own, or as an add-on to one of Wally Jolly's party packages. A puppet workshop add-on is also available along this show. The kids will get to create their own sock puppets. All materials provided by Wally Jolly.


Puppet Show including balloon modeling for every child (30 minutes): €80

Puppet Show + balloon modeling + puppet workshop (1 Hour): €125 up to 15 kids *extra charges apply if more kids are attending

There is a €35 discount to the above prices, should one opts to have the puppet show package along with one of Wally Jolly's party packages.

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